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Australian Home Education Online Resources

Australian Capital Territory

  • A Guide for Parents
    ‘Home Education in the ACT’, a downloadable .pdf document.
  • Home Schooling [ACT]
    Covers the relevant legislation, FAQs, registration, various publications and support & services.

New South Wales

Northern Territory


  • Home Schooling [Qld]
    Preface followed by the procedures and schedule.
  • Education Queensland Review
  • QTU Still Not Happy with Homeschooling
    Article with links to other articles, responses and information.
  • Queensland Education Act Review 2006
    ‘The new legislation is in draft bill form and called the Education [General Provisions] Bill 2006. The Education [General Provisions] Bill 2006 was introduced into Parliament on 21 April 2006. The second reading debate resumed on 26 May 2006 and was then adjourned for a later date. The transcripts of the debate can be found in Hansard at page 2142. It is not expected that the new legislation will commence before the beginning of Term 4, 2006. Changes affecting homeschoolers will probably not be implemented until the 2007 school year.’
  • Queensland Legal Information
    ‘Legal information about homeschooling and alternative education in Queensland.’

South Australia



Western Australia

A - F

  1. Australian Sites :
    • ADNIL Press
      Run by a home schooling family, it provides access to material useful to others interested in home schooling. Australian based. While a good range, it is particularly strong in the language areas.
    • Always Learning Books
      ‘Homeschooling, unschooling and Natural Learning Books … to Inspire and Encourage.’
    • Australia - Jon’s Home School Resource Page
      Links to Australian home school information. From his home page you can also access home school links and world information.
    • Australian Education Online Resources
      Annotated links. Click on ‘Resources’ and select from the range of choices.
    • Australian Home Education Resource Centre
      Calendar, contacts, FAQs, links to other pages and mailing list. Excellent start for Australian home schooling information.
    • Aussie Homeschool Resources
      Resources for those wanting to home school. A message board with interesting content.
    • Australian Home Based Learning - Suite101
      Recent articles, favoured web sites, topic pages, discussions, related topics, courses [top right] and book recommendations.
    • Barinya - Family, Fun & Educational Activities
      ‘Welcome to Barinya - an educational and information site for every family ! Barinya is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning Star. One of our main areas of focus is to help awaken a love of learning throughout life, by providing educational activities with a difference. Our educational activities are designed to stimulate a child’s natural curiosity and creativity.’ Many homeschooling and general educational activities, as well as movie reviews, travel information [South Australian based] and more.
    • Children’s Education Links
      Annotated links to home schooling sites, resources and general information.
    • Discussion Groups - Australian discussion groups for those involved, or interested :
    • EdNA Online
      Annotated links to information on home schooling in Australia in particular.
    • Games for Fun, Fitness & Learning
      ‘A resource book for parents, teachers, childcare workers, Cub Scout Leaders, Sunday School teachers, and anyone else who supervises or entertains children. The book provides games for children between the ages of 7 and 16.’
    • HBLN of Western Australia [Inc.]
      ‘The Home Based Learning Network of Western Australia’. Library, Bulletin Board, Links and .pdf material.
    • Home Education Links
      Annotated links which could be useful for those home schooling.
    • Home Education Association Inc. [Australia]
      ‘To promote the practice of home education in Australia and to provide members with benefits which would be difficult to obtain by individuals or smaller groups’.
    • Home School Australia !
      For those interested in home schooling, this is probably the best site. Information, contacts, Links state/national/international], resources and more.
    • Home Schooling for Gifted Children
      Article with links at the bottom to home schooling for gifted children. Other information relating to Homeschooling Gifted Children can also be found via the Home School Association of California home page.
    • Homeschooling Journey
      ‘This website is designed to finally give concrete answers to the kinds of questions people most often ask. You will find out the best Free educational resources, teaching shortcuts, ideas for curriculum and lots more.’ Subject areas, worksheets, Free textbooks and more.
    • Home Schooling Supplies [Australia]
      Victorian supplier who has home schooled their children.
    • Search Engine [Australia]
      Enter ‘Homeschooling’ to access a significant range of information.
    • Learning Naturally
      A Yahoo Groups site covering this area. Based on one group of families activities.
    • Selected Homeschooling Books
      Annotated titles are provided to assist those interested in this area. Authors are included as are prices.
    • South Australia Homeschool Camps
      A Yahoo Group covering these.
    • Unschool~Kidz
      Australian e-zine containing letters, photos, stories, projects, reviews, links and more.

G - L

  1. General Sites & Portals :
    • A to Z Home’s Cool [Homeschool]
      [Homeschooling Web Site]
      Articles, information guides ‘beginning to home school’ to ‘regional and world wide support’ and beyond. Extensive and high quality, though US based.
    • Design Your Homeschool
      ‘Every family is different and the exciting part about homeschooling is that you can design your own approach to learning by writing a tailor made program to fit your children's needs, abilities and personalities. As a family, you can decide what is important, what educational goals to pursue and how to go about it. View this website as your guide to plan and create an approach which suits you as a family.’
    • Easy Homeschooling
      Free resources, advice, reviews, links, techniques, companion, ezine and more. Also some Fee-based materials.
    • Home School Portal
      ‘This directory is a comprehensive listing of educational resources, websites, and businesses that provide support to the homeschooling community, parents, teachers, educators, and students.’ While US based, there are 100s of links grouped in directories from Audio to Tutorials and beyond. Worth visiting for resources and ideas alone.
    • Marion’s Home Schooling Links
      US based site with links to international and US state groups. Resources, indexes, links and family pages from home schooling families.
    • HEM’s Homeschooling Information
      [And Resource Pages]
      From Home Education Magazine. ‘Find Free online newsletters, discussion boards, a networking list, and selections from the magazine, including articles, interviews, columnists, resources, reviews and more’.
    • Home School
      ‘Your virtual home school’. Covers getting started, online courses, resource guide, articles, materials/equipment, newsletter, monthly lessons and more.
    • Home School Zone
      News, events, FAQs, help and search capacity.

M - R

  1. Magazines & Journals :
    • Homeschool Australia
      A Free bi-monthly newsletter [online], or you can subscribe for a print version.
    • Home Education Magazine
      ‘Homeschooling information, news and views, Free online newsletters, networking lists, and selections from Home Education Magazine, including articles, interviews, columnists, resources, reviews and more.’
    • Old School House, The
      Online magazine giving information, sites of interest, contacts and equipment suppliers.
  2. Research :
    • Homeschool Search Engine
      ‘Search the best home school sites on the internet with one click !’
    • National Home Education Research Institute
      ‘Conducts and collects research about homeschooling [home-based education, home schooling], and publishes the research journal called the Home School Researcher. The institute has hundreds of research works documented and catalogued on home schooling.’ US based, but research is still relevant.
  3. Resources - also check the Australian listing above :
    • Homeschooling Resources
      An extensive collection of annotated links [under a series of headings], collated by an American library. Covers all aspects.
    • Home Schooling Resources at Questia
      Articles, documents and more through the Questia. All have some connection to home schooling.
    • Jon’s Homeschool Resources
      ‘A source of neutral, non-commercial homeschooling information for over ten years.’ Check the “Quick Tips” as a starting point, then the left hand menu.
    • Quiz Hub
      Information grouped in school levels also sections such as quiz, spelling and words. A good addition for home schooling.
    • Teaching Treasures
      Material and activities that can be used for ‘regular’ as well as gifted and talented students. Done in subject areas.

S - Z

  1. Specialist Sites & Areas :

More Resources


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