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Tahirrah’s Homeschooling Story

My name is Tahirrah and I am 12 years old. I would like to tell you about my Home schooling experience.

I have been home schooled for 8 years, my sister and I were taken out of school when I was in the third term of kindergarten and she was in year 2.

I was looking forward to going to school in the beginning because my big sister had gone to school and I wanted to be with her and I thought it would be fun to wear a uniform and go off to play with other kids

I don’t remember much about school, all I remember was  that when I went to school, I was pretty shocked, it was very different  to day care, cause in day care they did art, other fun stuff and we just played outside it was really relaxing.

I didn’t really like school. I just did my work; I do remember the work being way too easy. The first day I was there a boy wanted to kiss me behind the classroom that was a bit shocking. I also remember I didn’t see my sister very much – she had her own friends and didn’t seem to want to hang round with me. Little by little I realized that school was not exactly how I thought it would be, but what could I do everyone went to school.

Every morning I would make up excuses why I didn’t want to go to school like being sick, or having a sore head or tummy. One morning I even ate soap so I would vomit. Another day I put a hot towel on my head so It would seem as though I had a temperature. Some days – mum would feel sorry for me and keep me with her and other days it wouldn’t work and I would be sent to school.

I remember when my mum told us that we were going to be homeschooled. She said she was going to teach us at home that we were too good for school. I was so excited.

I took the chance as soon as I could to get out of school I was so desperate.

When we started homeschooling there were no Muslim Homeschooling families at all in Sydney. It seemed so weird in the beginning, but after a while lots of people just seemed to become interested in homeschooling and soon they were all trying it out.

The day I left school I told all my friends I was being homeschooled, I couldn’t wait for school to end, my school friends we’re like “what’s Homeschooling” I didn’t know so I just said my mums going to teach me at home, they were like “wow” thats great . 

Now, there are so many Muslim homschoolers and it’s so different to what it was 8 years ago, it was so rare to find a family homeschooling but now everyday more people are interested in homeschooling, so it’s all good.

My mum along with some other Muslim homeschooling aunties has set up a Muslim Homeschooling group, its really good cause we all come together and talk about how we are and what we want to do together.

Being homeschooled I learnt how to read, my mum taught me in 6 months much faster than they can teach at school. I have also learned to understand maths.

I’m really happy to be homeschooled, most schooled kids I meet are very immature, they don’t talk properly and things, most of them want to be homeschooled, but they want to be homeschooled to skip school, but Homeschooling is more then just skipping school its hard work, I admit I may skip doing work on some days, but I still do it.

The cool thing is, when I was 9 years old,I made my own homepage, I would watch my mum making her site, and I decided to play around and try making my own, I showed mum and she said we can put it on the net, I was really excited, I had made my first homepage.

I’m into making graphics and animations on the computer; I can pretty much do anything, just not flash.

Another thing about Homeschooling, is that I love being with my family, we’re all so close. My sister and I are best friends – If I had gone to school we would have been separated and would not have had the chance to become really close and get to know each other. We will be sisters always but friends for life.

I still wonder what it would have been like if I had gone to school, but I must admit homeschooling is great and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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