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Teacher Contributed Resources

A - B
  A+ Math
This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively. You can even make printable math worksheets.
  Activity Idea Place
A great place for quick seasonal ideas. Theme-based art, math, science, language, songs. Great for primary grades.
  Apple Education Lesson Plans
Lesson plans that integrate technology in all subject areas for all grade levels
  Ask An Expert
This collection contains more than 2000 unique lesson plans which have been written and submitted to AskERIC by teachers from all over the United States and the world. Contributions from individuals are essential to the collection; it is how it grows!
  Ask ERIC Lesson Plans
This collection contains more than 2000 unique lesson plans which have been written and submitted to AskERIC by teachers from all over the United States and the world. Contributions from individuals are essential to the collection; it is how it grows!
  Awesome Library
Awesome Library organizes the Web with 22,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.
  Australian Curriculum- All Stages
The Australian Curriculum sets the expectations for what all Australian students should be taught, regardless of where they live or their background. From Foundation to Year 10.
  Australian Government- Department of Education- All Stages
Provides general Education information and links to each State’s Education Dept. for information on individual State’s expected outcomes and relevant Education information and resources.
  Australian History- All Stages
National Museum of Australia- Classroom resources and Units of Work for Australian and Indigenous History and Culture.
  Australia: History Facts for Students- Stages 2-3
Become an Expert about the History of Australia and Its People by Reading Interesting and Important Facts about the Key People, Key Places, and Key Events Important to the History of Australia on KidInfo.com's History of Australia Homework Help Resource Page.
  First Australian- Stages 2-4
Everyone has a cultural identity and understanding the diverse cultural identities in Australia is an essential element of achieving reconciliation.
  Australian Aboriginal History- Stages 4-5
Aboriginal history is not just the Dreaming - current events leave their mark in Indigenous history and are equally important.
  Australian History and Traditions- Stage 3 and up.
Essentially, Dreamtime is the Aboriginal Religion and Culture. Australia celebrates many of the same holidays as do people of the Western world, such as Easter and Christmas. However, Australians also celebrate some holidays unique to their country and culture.
  Australian Afghan Cameleers- Stages 3-5
Thousands of Afghani and Pakistani cameleers played an important role in shaping the Australian outback.
  Australia’s Muslim Cameleers- All Stages
Resource list of recommended education books.
  Australian Muslims- Muslims in Australia Since 1600’s
What do we know about the History of Mosques in Australia? Information and education website.
  American History- All Stages
Information about American History,culture and traditions.
  Australian Home Educators- Aussie Educator- All Stages
This page looks at beginning homeschooling, homeschooling blogs, magazines and journals, research, specialist areas and other general information. Some Australian material is included in these sections.
  Boggle's World for ESL
Boggle's World is a resource site for teachers who teach elementary and middle school English, ESL and EFL to kids. Just click, print, and copy.
  Book Adventure
Similar to our AR, this site has many book titles for students to take comprehension tests on. Students can even win prizes (approved by the teacher). It is free to register your class.
Brainpop has great educational movies that teach various subjects from math to science. You can view up to two a day for free, and a classroom subscription to view all you want is not very expensive.
  Building Belonging - Stage 1 or earlier.
PDF eBook about recognising similarities and differences in people, for early childhood education.

 C - D
  Developmental Studies Center
An awesome organization with a wealth of resources for schools. “The overarching goal of all our work is to foster children’s intellectual, social, and ethical development.” Jennifer Rivera--JFSmith
  Discovery School
Various lesson plans, resources, links for all subject areas and grade levels.
  Kids Dinos- Stages 1-3
Learn about dinosaurs with KidsDinos.com. Find out which dinosaur was the largest, which was the smallest, which had the most horns, the longest neck, or which ate the most food.
  The Creative Teaching Sites- Mixed Stages.
The Creative Teaching Web Site is a site financed by Robert Morgan to help teachers develop more creative teaching ideas and to help teachers have fun in their classrooms. Visit often; there are always many reviewed sites that hold a wealth of information for busy educators! Mary Anne

 E - G
  Easy Test Maker
A webpage that helps teachers make tests easily. Choose from multiple choice, true/false, short answer, etc. ***Only works on Internet Explorer!
  Ed Helper
Worksheets galore for many subject areas. You can even customize worksheets to include students names. There is a subcription fee, but you can print out some worksheets for free.
  Education News
Enjoy articles from various newspapers and magazines, including Education Week and Teacher Magazine. When you hear about something important or interesting in the world of teaching, this is the place to find the details.
  Education Place (Houghton Mifflin)
K-8 resources for teachers, students, and parents. Includes Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Intervention, Professional Development, activities, games, and textbook support.
  Education World- Mixed Stages
A cross reference to many other research related sites
  Educational Resources and Lesson Plans
This web page consists of thousands of links to lesson plans and other resources of potential use to education students, teachers, and Home schoolers. It also includes lesson plans and resources unique to this site.
  Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (Math and Science)
The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) provides K-12 teachers a central source of information on mathematics and science curriculum materials and encourages the adoption and use of these materials. ENC is funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education
  English to Go
Provides English language lesson plans for various grade levels and a weekly newsletter and learning activity.
  Figure This!
Challenging math problems for students of all grades. They make great supplemental resources, especially for daily "stumper" problems or problem-solving activities.
  Free Translator
A Free Translator website. I used this for progress reports and notes home to parents who don't speak English. It's a great site!
Submitted by Randy Hollenkamp - Instruction. This is great site to make online quizes, use an online gradebook, free games and more.
  Gateway to Educational Materials
This is a huge searchable database of lesson plans. When you search for a subject, you will be given links to websites with appropriate lessons. A fantastic lesson plan resource!
  Geometry and Art- Stages 2-3
Here is a Website that contains many different ideas on how to teach abstract geometrical ideas imaginatively. You will see detailed presentation plans, as well as descriptions of how to make all the visual aids you need. You can find hands-on activities and grids and patterns you can copy, as well as tips on teaching geometry vocabulary.
  Governments of the World
This site has a lot of information organized by country, including links to other Web sites. There is also a nice collection of links to various world organizations.
  Great Teacher.NET
Submitted by Toby Robinson from Quimby. Great site for extra links/resources for many subjects. Jobs also are posted.

 H - J
  Hatchet Internet Scavenger Hunt
An Internet scavenger hunt to accompany the novel Hatchet by Gary Paulsen where students answer questions by linking to specific web sites.
  History of Valentines Day
The History Channel tells of the history behind the holiday.
  Holiday and Seasonal Activities
Hundreds of worksheets, maps, math and language activities, patterns, puzzles, flashcards, vocabulary and spelling, coloring pages, report forms, and history around the theme of international holidays and seasonal events. This list includes: back-to-school, Cinco de Mayo, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Father?s and Mother?s Day, Grandparent?s Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King, New Year?s, President?s, St. Patrick?s Day, Thanksgiving, Valentines and Veterans Day.
  Islamic Homeschool- A Muslim Homeschool- All Stages
Raising children to know for what purpose we were created. Fantastic educational resources. and blog. Australia based.
  Islamic Homeschool- Victorian Muslimah Australia- All Stages
Mixed resources and education based articles.
  Islamic Resources- Umm Assad’s Home School- All Stages
Wonderful mix of Islamic, Arabic and general Education resources, free printables, worksheets and lapbooks. UK based.
  Islamic Resources- Iman’s Home-Schooling- All Stages
Quick links to beneficial Education resources. UK based.
  Islamic Resources- TJ Homeschooling- All Stages
Excellent homeschooling resources and blog of long time homeschooling Mum.. USA based.
  Instructor Magazine
This is professional publication for elementary school teachers. You will find articles on important topics such as professional development, curriculum planning, communicating with children and parents, grading, teaching strategies, and content area lesson ideas.
  Jason Project
Offers educational experiences relating to science and technology. The material is organized around general themes, and helps children learn about important scientific discoveries and concepts. Jason is designed to be part of a K-12 curriculum, and can provide an ongoing and valuable adjunct to classroom study.
  Journal Topics
Journal topics for every month of the year
"Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration of the ending of slavery."
  National Women's History Project
Resources and materials to teach about women's history, includes biographies of notable women for student research
  Teacher Cyber Guide for Hatchet
Lessons that integrate standards and technology using the novel by Gary Paulsen, Hatchet.
  The History of Labor Day
The history of Labor Day.

 K - L
  Children's Book Council
Children's Book Council web site features articles, bibliographies, book lists, information about authors and illustrators, and more information on children's literature.
  Clutural Diversity through Children's Literature
This web site offers annotated bibliographies organized by genre of children's literature and cultures. It also has links to other resources related to each culture covered in web site.
  Learning Page
Learning Page.com is a resource for professionally produced materials that you can download and print primarily for elementary grades.
  Liberty: The Road to Revolution
This PBS Online site presents an interactive game to learn about the revolution.
  Links to Children's Author/Illustrator Web Sites
This site offers links to the individual Web sites of many authors and illustrators.
  The Lesson Plans Page
Here you can find lesson plans sorted by grade level and subject to help in all curricular areas. Some lesson plans are great to use, and most you can adapt to use in your own classroom. Its a great tool.

 M - O
  Ask Dr. Math
This is a fantastic math resource. Children and teachers submit questions about math. The questions are then answered by Dr. Math. What makes this site so great is that the questions and answers are collected into a well-organized archive. First choose the level of math that you are interested in: i.e. elementary school, middle school, high school or college Then, within that categaory, you can explore a variety of topics.
  iMovies in Education
For a sample of ways to use iMovie in your classroom or samples of iMovies, visit this web site.
  Media Builder
Samples of free clip art, backgrounds, and photoclips.
  Memorial Day
This thorough site discusses the history of Memorial Day, contains the President's remarks about Memorial Day, includes tips on how to celebrate the holiday, and has numerous links to memorials, images and speeches.
  Memorial Day - History Channel
From the History Channel, this site has information about the history of Memorial Day, statistics about America's wars, and links to message boards where you can write a message to veterans and their families.
  Multi Cultural Calendar
This keyword-searchable site contains entries which may provide recipes for holiday foods, historical background, significance of the holidays and the special ways in which these days are observed.
  Multnomah County Library Diversity Calendar
"This calendar was created to note people, dates, festivals, holy days, and anniversaries that are important to people, yet may not be widely known or noticed in the United States... Diverse races, cultures, religions, etc., are included here."
  National Center for Educational Statistics
Math- Graphing Stage 1-2.
  Fun data handling games for children.
Graphs and charts are great because they communicate information visually.
  Mosques and Musallahs in Australia
List of Mosques and Musallahs in Australia, with address.
  New York Times Learning Network
Great for current events, lots of articles for studesnt to read, also lesson plans for teachers

 P - R
  Picture Dictionary
submitted by Bernadette Marcias. Good site for your second language learners to visually see the words. This site also has activities like spelling and fill in the blank to go along with the pictures. I have also used this site for Cindo de Mayo, teaching kids some basic Spanish words. Other languages this site offers: French, German, and Italian.
  Poetry 180
180 Poems to read daily; however, most of the poems are intended for high school students. Yet, the site has links and other poems and recordings of poems.
  Poetry Scavenger Hunt
This is a scavenger hunt that leads students to specific websites to read poems and answer questions about or from the poems.
  Puzzle Maker
Submitted by Randy Hollenkamp - Instruction Dept. Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your word lists.
  Ramadan on the Net
Learn about the Ramadan holiday here.
A web site that gives information on using the four blocks method of instruction. It also has many ideas sections and a store where you can buy learning resources.
Submitted by John Laird - This site claims to be "the single best source for facts on the Net." I would have to agree. Some of my favorite features are the News Headlines, Calendar, Pictures/Quotes of the Day, and Google Web Search. Enjoy!
  Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT)
RAFT is an organization which collects surplus office supplies and sells them to educators for extremely cheap prices! They also offer wonderful workshops (many technology-oriented).
  The Responsive Classroom
The Responsive Classroom approach to teaching and learning fosters safe, challenging, and joyful classrooms, K-8 --Consists of strategies for bringing together social and academic learning. Learn about: Morning Meetings, Classroom Organization, Rules and Consequences, Family Communication, Academic Choice, etc.--Jennifer Rivera, JFSmith

 S - T
  Kathy Schrock's Guide
Excellent web site for lesson plans, resources, rubrics, for various subject areas and grade levels that integrate technology.
  Scavenger Hunts
How to create a Internet scavenger hunt instruction and samples of Internet scavenger hunts.
  Sound Portraits
Recordings of historical events
  Spelling Bee
The purpose of this Web site is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.
  Sports Illustrated for Kids
submitted by Bernadette Marcias. For those teachers who like to incorporate current events and sports in their teaching, SI for kids is a great site for students to read about what is going on in sports and athletes.
Teacher2Teacher offers technology professional development services, books, and online resources. The Teacher2Teacher services are customized and delivered by a certified educator with experience in technology integration. Allison George- Cedar Grove

 U - W
  Distinguished Women of the Past and the Present
Includes biographies of notable women, searchable by name or subject area and also includes other resouces for research
  Web English Teacher
A great site that offers information and lessons plans about literature, vocabulary, writing and much more! This is a useful resource for all grade levels.

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